Receiving Lot number assigned. Material counted and entered into Lot database
Incoming Thick, Flats, Films, Broken, Chips, Sort.
Strip Wet Chemistry Tailored to Film Type Oxide, SiN, Poly, Al, TiN, Photo resist, etc.
Pre Polish Gauge Measure For Thick, Flatness, Resistivity, Type
Stock Polish Controlled Silicon Removal Rates
Final Polish High Purity Final Polish Slurry
Pre Clean Sequential SC1/SC2 Megasonic Cleaning
Dry Yield Up 2000, Steag IPA, or APET dryer
Visual 100% visual inspection for scratches, haze, chips, etc.
Final Gauge Measure 100% for Thick, Type, Resistivity, Flatness
Final Clean Sequenced MegaSonic w/ Dilute SC-1/SC-2/O3
Laser Inspection 100% laser inspection for LPDs. Data stored by Lot on server for C of A
Final QA Quality Dept. samples each lot prior to shipping
Packaging Poly bag, desiccant, foil bag, labels and documents per customer requirement


  • Wafer Size:
    100mm, 125mm, 150mm,
    200mm, 300mm
  • Processes:
    Strip & Etch, Lapping,
    Laser Scribe, Polish, Clean
  • Capacity:
    100,000 wafers / month-Full
    Reclaim (200mm equivalent)
  • Particle:
    <50 @ > 0.12µm on 200mm
    < 50 @ > 0.12µm on 300mm
  • Metals:
    < 1E10 / cm2