Reasons for Doing Reclaim with NESTEC

  • Advanced processing to generate the highest quality and greatest value
  • Significant cost savings opportunity
  • Strategically located to serve customers
  • Multi-site redundancy and global operations
  • Engineering and management depth
  • Commitment to process and product development
  • Product data and process control systems

Cleanroom Metals Testing

  • Agilent 7500cs ICP-MS
    Detection limit down to 1 ppt
    Detected metals list:
    Al, Ca, Cr, Co, Cu, Fe, Pb, Li, Mn, Mg, Ni, K, Ag, Na, Th, Zn
    Other metals available upon request.


  • Wafer Reclaim 100mm - 300mm
  • Virgin Test Supply - Spot Buys Only
  • Strip and Clean Services
  • Customized Processing
  • Metals Analysis Testing
  • Wafer Inventory Management (secure area)